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I have had an interest in air rifles and air pistols for over thirty years. I became increasingly frustrated at not being able to buy custom pistols or finding someone who could nickel plate custom pistols, so I decided to further develop my hobby.  What started as a hobby many years ago has steadily grown into a full time interest, Black Dog Pistols is now my business / life choice  and has grown rapidly with great demand for my work.  I revel in creating beautiful bespoke pistol products for my customers, customizing CO2 handguns, making personalized pistol hand grips, nickel plating, polishing & engraving.

My Journey :

What started as my first custom polished pistol soon developed into a desire to be able to master the art of Nickel plating and to push the boundaries and experiment further with custom pistol design. My engineering background provided me with the techniques to use for more custom pistol work, such as vented shrouds and rails. This engineering work history offered an inspiring idea to be able to provide customers with fully customised pistol hand grips from resin and wood.  Engraving was the next step forward and i invested in the purchase of a free hand machine and a CNC engraving machine, which produces beautiful designs for any pistol.